Moo Canoes offers a ride on kayaks and canoes on the ponds of London

Would you like to sail on these canoes for a spin?

However, "for a spin" may be some exaggeration. But the waters of Regent's Canal, Limehouse Basin and Hackney Marshes are not so bad and their calm waters will help you cope with the management of Moo Canoes canoe.

You can choose a kayak or canoe, but in any case, both of them look very colorful due to bright black spots on a white background. We suspect that the name Moo Canoes originated from here.

If you select a kayak, you can sail alone, and in a canoe can fit three people. Therefore, it is time to choose a ship, to appoint yourself admiral of the fleet and set off!

Moo Canoes gives the opportunity to rent a few canoes, if you would like to have mini-flotilla. Fortunately, in order to manage boats, no experience is needed, so inexperienced beginners will be greeted here with the same joy as brave navigators. You will be offered 12 different routes of varying degrees of complexity, which lead in all possible directions. As the port of Moo Canoes, Limehouse Basin or The Milk Float in Hackney Wick can be considered.

Although renting a canoe costs money, there is an opportunity to go on a boat for free. Moo Canoes regularly collects garbage, so if you decide to join the volunteers, you can jump into the boat for free, but you will have to pick up some garbage on the pond. A great way to support an active lifestyle and help the environment.

For daredevils who agree to less stability on the water, Moo Canoes can offer kayaks. Every Sunday you can ride a kayak on Limehouse Base, even standing. Of course, this increases your chances of finding yourself in the water, but the impression is worth it. Moo Canoes accepts the first guests from April 7th, so you can start planning your weekend.

Location: The main office is located at Limehouse Basein, 30 Pinnacle Way, E14 7JZ. The nearest station is Limehouse. Also, the boat can be rented at The Milk Float, Huckney Wick, E9 5EN. The nearest station is Hackney Wick.

Opening hours: from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekends, but if you contact Moo Canoes directly, you can negotiate for a different time.

Rental price: kayaks cost £26 per hour, canoes - £36 per hour, but this money can be divided between your "sailors" team. Each additional hour costs £10, regardless of the vessel. When cleaning from the garbage, the trip on the ship is free.

More information: visit Moo Canoes website.

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