Why Londoners should not neglect registering their Oyster cards

Millions of Londoners risk not getting their money back if their Oyster card is lost or stolen, and all because they did not register it in their online account.

In just 8 weeks, the system of the public transport operator Transport for London registered 6.39 million unregistered Oyster cards. And if these cards were lost or stolen, their owners would not be able to transfer their balance to the new Oyster card, since they simply could not prove that they had such a card. Such a problem can only affect those who bought the card or replenishes it at the station, and not on the Internet, because to order a card on the Internet or to put money on it, you will have to register it.

For today, 70% of Oyster cards remain unregistered. Most of them were purchased in self-service vending machines.

Why should I register an Oyster card?

Because this will give you many advantages. For example:

If the card is stolen or lost, you can transfer money to a new card. Just need to inform TfL and the public transportation system operator will transfer money to the new Oyster card and will not allow someone to use your old card. In addition, if you have some kind of travel card with at least 5 days left, you can also transfer it to a new card. Follow the link if you lost a card or it is stolen.

If you are required to pay higher than you should, you can challenge TfL's claim and receive a refund.

You can set up automatic replenishment of the account on the Internet instead of waiting at the station.

How to register an Oyster card

The registration process for the Oyster card is simple and free. First of all, you need to register an Oyster account. To do this, you need to enter the numbers that are specified on the back of your card and remember where you last used it. After that, you can fill in personal information. Now the card will be registered, and, following the same steps, you can register a few more cards on the My Oyster Cards page.

What if I use my credit card

According to statistics for the past year, 40% of all trips were paid by an ordinary bank card, not an Oyster card or a travel card. If you use an ordinary bank card, you cannot get a travel card and will pay for each trip separately. In the event of a card loss, you will need to contact the bank, not TfL.

In your Oyster Online account, you can register your bank card. You will not get as many benefits as registering an Oyster card, but you will be able to see the payment history and complain if your trip was canceled.

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