The cleaning service in nude, the employee reveals the secrets of her work

One of the first women employed by Nudist Cleaners, 28-year-old Sia Rodney, says that sometimes clients ask not only to clean up their home.

Employers of the firm Nudist Cleaners offer tempting work - cleaning apartments with a payment of £45 per hour. But there are some unusual conditions: an employee must do his work in the nude.

One of the company's first cleaners told about her experience.

"I am absolutely not ashamed of my body and absolutely calmly feel naked with other people, probably because I have many brothers and sisters. When we were little kids, we used to take bath together. That is why the feeling of shame is not familiar to me.

My personal trainer saw an advertisement about work from Nudist Cleaners and jokingly offered me a try. I asked my husband how he felt about such work. He replied that it suits me, because I often walk around the house naked, and if they pay for this, why not to try,"- Sia Rodney shared.

Thus, a mother of three children became a member of the team of the company Nudist Cleaners a few years ago. Most of Sia's customers are nudists. When she comes to clean the house, most often, she is met by a naked host. Sometimes they are hippies who like to chat about nature and the ecological situation, and sometimes they are people who want to relax and try something new for themselves.

Sia says she likes her job. Firstly, she gets good money for it, and secondly, she has the opportunity to communicate with interesting people.

However, some negative situations have happened as well. Several times Sia came to the house late at night, and several clients could not keep their lust to themselves. But the sharpness of the woman cooled off the passion of the owners. She reminded them several times of what awaited them if they crossed the permissible line, and they left her alone.

Nudist Cleaners employs men, but women-cleaners are more popular.

Naked cleaning has many fans, but there were opponents of this service. Yvonne Traynor, director general of the Center for the Support of Victims of Rape and Sexual Violence, said that the provision of such services is dangerous for women.

"This is not only a disgusting exploitation, but also the creation of a potentially dangerous situation that a woman can get into. Such services are not needed by housewives who just need help in the house. Only lustful, desperate men want naked cleaning. We live in the XXI century, and this feels that we returned to the Middle Ages when the women were regarded as cleaners and concubine," - she said.

In turn, the director of the company said that they take all security measures for their employees. All cleaners are warned that if someone starts to bother them during work, they have every right to leave the house immediately.

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