A female sex service industry worker described her work in London brothel

A sex service industry worker shared the subtleties of her work and told about her life, stating: "I do this job because I chose it."

A brothel in an apartment with two bedrooms in the center of London became the target of journalists. Its owner, a former detective, said that the police policy allows the work of some brothels if they provide a safe environment for their employees.

One of the employees of the brothel, Louise, has a degree in marine biology, but she chose to work in the sex service industry. She said she wants to debunk stereotypes about such activities.

"I do not want people to think that I am on drugs, that they force me to do this, or I became a victim of human trafficking. I am here as an ordinary person who wants to make money, secure his future and do the work that he chose,” - she said.

Louise said that on a busy day she takes eight or nine clients, each of whom pays her £70 for half an hour. Girls take £45 for themselves, and £25 are given to a brothel. In social networks, photo workers of the establishment are constantly being published to attract new clients. The apartment has two bedrooms, both of which have a calm and comfortable interior: cream walls, gray linens and silk pillows.

Louise added: "When I worked on my own, I could not vouch for my safety, the client could attack me, rape me or beat me. Working in a brothel is a million times safer. There are other women and a receptionist who can step in if it goes wrong."

Keeping a brothel, buying or selling sex services in England and Wales are illegal. The owner of this brothel, who is called Karl, said that he is happy to break the law, because he disagrees with it.

"If they close us, I can go to jail, and then 15-20 girls will have to look for another job," - he said.

Karl, who has been in this business for more than 15 years after he left the police, added: "We do not allow our women workers to use drugs, nor do we hire minors, I personally check the passport at the interview. If we have any doubts, then we contact the police."

Karl and Louise, both payers of taxes for their income, agree with the opinion that brothels should be legalized.

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