9 institutions in London, which were not too lazy to come up with a striking name

We do not know about you, but we really like puns. In London, there are at least 9 institutions that use the word game in their name. And what if you go past one of them every day, not knowing how much originality the owners of the establishment showed?

Planet of the Grapes

Of course, you remember the sensational American franchise of 1968-2017, based on the same name novel "Planet of the Apes. And in the London Planet of the Grapes you can dine and enjoy excellent wines made just from grapes. Restaurants of the network are scattered all over London, and they are perfect for both romantic gatherings together, and for an evening with friends.


Fishcoteque sounds clear even for a person who stayed in London for only one day. You have probably already tried the iconic British dish - Fish and Chips or fish with French fries. Now be sure to visit this place, where it is cooked with special love. An interesting fact: in the 80s the jazz band Jazz Butchers released an album that called "Fishcotheque", and put the showcase of this institution on the cover.


We know, we know! The owners of this coffee shop in Bermondsey chose a not very decent name, but if you try the coffee that is prepared here, you will be ready to forgive them any liberty.

Barber Streisand

We wonder what Barbra Streisand thinks of a hairdresser with such an interesting name? There is no need to explain that this is a beauty salon. But you should visit it not only for the haircut, but also because in passing you will see the popular Exmouth Market.

Perky Blenders

Yes, we also almost confused the name of this coffee house with Peaky Blinders - the most famous brand of caps and hats. In Perky Blenders you will be offered very delicious coffee from the grains grown in South America. As far as we know, to visit this institution, you will not need a hat, so you should not worry about it.

The Codfather

Another snack bar, which is haunted by the laurels of the cult film. This time it is about "The Godfather". Replacing only one letter, the owners of the canteen successfully hinted at what in the restaurant you can buy a dish from cod.

Jack The Clipper

Blood gets cold in the veins when hearing the name of this hairdresser! Although, wait ... this is not Jack the Ripper, but only Jack The Clipper. But though the master has the scissors in the hands and not the knife, it feels uncomfortable when you are told "I will just remove the excess from above…"


Nincompoop is a funny word for a fool or simpleton. But do not let this name fool you, because in Nincomsoup you will find very tasty soup.

Turn'em Clean

No, no, you do not need to call to authorities, because if you look closely, Turn'em Clean is written here, not Turn'em In. In fact, this is a good dry cleaning, where they can not only make a pun, but also clean things.

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