How to save on services of television, mobile communication and insurance

Economy expert Martin Lewis has discovered the secret of how to make profitable deals with television, mobile and insurance companies. For this, you do not need to know the subtleties of the economy, it is enough just to show a little perseverance and charm.

Most of us are eager for savings. But many do not understand that they can pay less and get what they want. This is especially true when it comes to highly competitive companies specializing in the provision of television, mobile communications and insurance services. In principle, this applies to all firms with which the consumer concludes a temporary contract.

The economy guru and founder of the website Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis said that with such companies it is possible and necessary to bargain if there is a desire to pay less. He called this process a financial flirting.

How and when to bargain.

According to Martin, the best time for bargain is when your contract with the firm comes to an end, as you can freely refuse its services without penalty. This can be broadband Internet access, digital TV or mobile communications. The journalist says: "During this period, every consumer has a huge advantage. Of course, it is necessary to bargain politely and with charisma without showing anger and aggression. The main task is to get the employees of the company to help you and make them understand that you are ready to continue cooperation, but on more favorable conditions for you."

The rules of "financial flirting"

1. Assess your strength.

2. Learn about the proposals of competing companies.

3. Be honest: clearly state what exactly you need and at what price.

Martin added: "At the expiration of your contract, you can tell, for example, a representative of a mobile phone company that you are paying too much for its services. If it comes to television, then think: you use everything that you have, and for what you have to pay? Speak up the amount you want to pay, and if it does not work, say it is too expensive and you will have to give up their services. You will have a real opportunity to negotiate, and you should use it for your benefit. Especially if it is about a large company of digital television, you will receive a letter with a new, cheaper offer. And you should not be afraid to leave. The business models are based on attracting customers at a low price throughout the year, then the cost of services is increased in the hope that the person will continue to cooperate. Companies think that you will not bargain with them, because many people do not."

Which firms are best to bargain with.

After interviewing those who have already gained the experience of "financial flirting," Martin determined that the most pliable company is AA: success is guaranteed in 90% of cases. In second place - RAC (87%), followed by Sky (86%), Admiral (82%) and EE (80%). Slightly less indicator for Plusnet, Vodafone, AA Insurance and Virgin Media.

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