In Wales, piercing was put under a ban

In Wales, intimate piercing was prohibited, including piercing in the tongue, to citizens under the age of 18. Thus, the government plans to prevent potential health problems associated with this type of cosmetic procedures.

The new law will prohibit piercing the tongue, genitals and nipples for all persons under the age of 18. Doctors expressed fears that piercing of these parts of the body can cause medical problems, so before reaching adulthood, children and adolescents cannot make their own decisions and deprive themselves of health for the sake of dubious beauty. Wales chief physician Frank Atherton said that this is the only way to protect young people from themselves. "I hope this law will reduce the number of problems related to adolescent health, which is an important step, and I am glad that we finally did it," - he added.

A study in England showed that at least three teenagers out of 20 experience complications after the procedure. Among complications, 50% of cases are complications of tongue piercing, 45% of genital piercing and 35% of piercing of nipples. Experts believe that this is due to the fact that the body is not yet fully formed, and piercing causes irreparable harm. In addition, most minors often do not care about keeping intimate piercings clean, which leads to a high risk of infection with various infections. And according to the dentist Colette Bridgman, piercing in the tongue can lead to damage to the tooth enamel, to the swelling of the gums and even cause speech defects.

Now, in order to make the piercing, you will need to provide a certificate confirming the age. Otherwise, the master will not avoid trial or at least a fine.

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