You can be fined £ 2,5 thousand, if you drive without sunglasses

Finally, Britain enjoys warm weather, but this can make the roads very dangerous.

While most of us adore warm weather, bright sunlight can make traffic difficult. The sun and bright glare from the hood of the car do not allow you to clearly see the road ahead. Therefore, just in case, it is very important to always have a pair of sunglasses at hand if the weather is sunny.

Drivers who sit behind the wheel without sunglasses on a clear day can be fined £ 2.5 thousand.

By law, you need to wear sunglasses while driving, as bright glare affects your ability to see the road. This can be regarded as negligent driving and lead to a loss of driver's license and a huge fine. On the spot, the fine is £100, but if you are accused and sentenced to trial, then it will be much more.

In the rules of the road, it is said that if you are blinded by bright sunlight, you need to reduce the speed of movement or stop altogether.

And, according to AA, you cannot wear just any sunglasses. For example, tinted glasses with variable dimming, vary depending on the level of sun brightness. But it is not good if it is about driving, because car windscreens filter out UV radiation, so glasses cannot properly adjust. Also too tinted sunglasses are not suitable for driving, as they too darken everything and prevent to see the road clearly.

Therefore, when buying new sunglasses, you should always check whether they are suitable for driving. AA recommends always keeping a pair of sunglasses in the car just in case. Even if the weather is rainy, there is always a chance that the sun will come out from behind the clouds.

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