How much do the best British workers earn in the 20 most common professions?

Perhaps, this rating will help you to decide on the choice of the future profession or encourage to change your activity.

The average Brit gets £27,200 a year, taking into account the deduction of taxes and pension contributions. Salary depends on the region of the country, position, gender and, of course, on the profession. For example, the highest paid bank employees earn much more than employees of charitable organizations.

Business Insider on the basis of data from the website of labor productivity assessment, where the salary of 52 thousand employees from 20 different spheres of activity was analyzed, made the rating of the highest paid professions.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with this list. It indicates the sphere of activity and wages for the year of the highest paid workers.

20. Charity and non-profit sector - £61 thousand.

19. Public sector and education - £67 thousand.

18. Sport, culture and recreation - £72 thousand.

17. Services, tourism, restaurant business - £72 thousand.

16. Retail and wholesale trade - £77 thousand.

15. Health care - £84 thousand.£

14. Mass media and communications - £88 thousand.

13. Construction and real estate - £92 thousand.

12. Transport and logistics - £92 thousand.

11. Consumer goods - £105 thousand.

10. Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology - £110 thousand.

9. Applications, the Internet and e-commerce - £113 thousand.

8. Production - £115 thousand.

7. Consulting and professional services - £118 thousand.

6. Technologies and communications - 120 thousand.

5. Recruitment and headhunting - £124 thousand.

4. The law - £124 thousand.

3. Energy, extraction of minerals and ecology - £143 thousand.

2. Insurance - £153 thousand.

1. Financial services - £290 thousand.

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