11 strangest houses in the UK

In Britain you can find really strange houses, each of which can make a passer-by to freeze in mute astonishment. Some of them were created in accordance with the requirements of the time, others were built specifically to surprise and amaze the public. These 10 houses are just a small part of the strange and amazing houses that are found in the United Kingdom.

The Traffic Island House - Stanton Drew

On the northern outskirts of Stanton Drew village and right in front of the bridge over the Chew River, there is a XV century straw-covered cottage, which in the XVIII century was used as a road taxes post. Although it is known as the Round House, in fact it is hexagonal and done in an amazing Gothic style. The door and the window in the form of an arch perfectly match each other.

The House in the Sea - Newquay

This is the only house in Britain and, probably, in a world that has its own island and bridge. It is located on an alluvial island on a popular surf beach in Newquay in Cornwall. For the first time the island was sold in 1838 to the brothers Billing, who grew potatoes on it. The bridge arose in 1902, and the building itself appeared after another 8 years. There were very famous visitors such as Arthur Conan Doyle and Alexander Lodge. At one time it was a tea and art gallery. On the territory of the house there is even a garage for two cars.

House in the Clouds - Thorpeness

One of the most ambiguous buildings in Britain - House in the Clouds - was built not so long ago - in 1923 as a water tower for Thorpeness. The structure was considered horrible as a water tower. Originally it was designed by Malcolm Mason, who actually called it "House in the Clouds". During the Second World War, an anti-aircraft missile hit it, fortunately no one was hurt. In 1979, the water tank was removed and the building was remade. It has long since ceased to function as a water tower, and accommodates 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Center Parcs - Tree House

Center Parcs in the UK is a collection of small houses for weekends located in the forest. Their distinctive feature is that they are created in harmony with nature and seem quite a natural continuation of the terrain. In 2010, thanks to this concept, a series of houses appeared on the tree. The first were built in Sherwood Forest, surrounded by 400 acres of forest. Each house on the tree can boast of 4 bedrooms, bathrooms and even living rooms. The houses are designed to not harm the environment.

The Pineapple House - Dunmore

Back in the XVIII century, people who went on a trip to India and America, brought exotic fruits with them. In particular, this concerned fruits that are able to endure long-term transportation, such as coconuts and pineapples. In 1776 John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore returned to Britain. He was so shocked by the look of the exotic pineapple that he ordered to finish building a huge pineapple onto the main structure of his house. The appearance of the building turned out, to put it mildly, strange, but the architecture and finishing works are of the highest quality. Today the building can be rented for a weekend.

The Bottle House - Tixall

A tiny hexagonal house in the shape of a hewn stone in the picturesque village of Tixall was probably built as a pavilion near the Tixall Hall house or even the Shugborough Estate museum in the distant 1807 (someone claims it was 1575). Local historians believe that later it was used as a post at the outpost, since its location is ideal for this. In the XIX century a local shepherd lived there.

Clavell Tower - Kimmeridge

The Clavell Tower was built by Rev John Richards in 1830 as a lighthouse and observatory. In 1930, there was a fire, after which the building remained abandoned for a long time. Fortunately, it was restored literally by a brick and moved 25 m deep into the shoreline from its original location. It was the Clavell Tower that inspired the author of detective stories, Phyllis Dorothy James, to create the "Black Tower", and the classic of British literature Thomas Hardy met near this structure with his first love and later used it as an illustration to "Wessex poems ".

The rental costs from £466, so the pleasure is not cheap. But this is a great opportunity to be with the best friend or partner alone, because all four floors will be at your disposal. From any corner of the building you can see a wonderful view of the sea and the surrounding countryside, so if you have long dreamed of feeling like a hero of a love story, this is exactly what you need.

The Thin House - London

This is one of the sights of London. If you approach it from the west, it seems only 7 feet long. But this is just an optical illusion, since the structure is triangular in form. The maximum width of the house is 34 feet. Why did such a strange structure appeared? Because of the nearby railway line. Despite the strange shape, the house is estimated at more than 2 million pounds, as it is in the heart of the London bough Kensington.

Martello Tower House - Bawdsey

In 1804, the threat of Napoleon's invasion was not an empty promise. Therefore, 103 forts were built along the southeast coast of Britain. Each fortification was 30 feet high with walls 13 feet wide.

The idea to rebuild the tower in Bawdsey in an apartment building arose in 2000. Designers took 7 years to rebuild the building and not to affect its historical value. The roof resembling an umbrella provides an excellent view of the surrounding countryside. At night, when the fog flies from the sea, a glow in the shape of a saucer can deceive an occasional passer-by who will certainly decide that there is a UFO in front of him.

The Balancing Barn - Thorington

An interesting example of modern architecture, which very successfully fitted into the countryside. Located near a nature reserve, the house replaced a brick cottage, which stood here before. Designed and built by the Dutch firm MVRDV, it expressively extends over the territory, offering an amazing view of the surrounding forest. The 30 m long building is a modern interpretation of the traditional Suffolk barn. It can comfortably accommodate 8 guests. The additional importance of the building gives it the necessary stability.

The Headington Shark - Oxford

There are little dwelling houses in the world, which roof is pierced by a shark made of fiberglass. Perhaps this house in Headington in the vicinity of Oxford is the only one of its kind. It was completed on August 9th, 1986 and soon became an international sensation. It was cited as a visual demonstration of the threat of nuclear weapons, explaining that danger can fall from the sky at any time. In fact, the shark is a unique feature of British culture - eccentricity, which at the same time does not stand out too much against the background of thousands of other buildings in Britain.

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