9 best British novels that you have not read yet

The English novel is, of course, the classic of world literature. We are all familiar with Hamlet, Hercule Poirot and Jane Austen, but apart from the known and recognizable masterpieces, there are many worthy works that were written by British authors in the period from the second half of the twentieth century to the present day. In modern works there is a style, themes and characters close to us, and at the same time there is a purely English charm that so many readers like.

So modern British novels are worthy of attention?

1. Julian Barnes, "England, England"

Julian Barnes is one of the brightest and most original prose writers in modern Britain. The plot of "England, England" contains one unusual assumption: what if we take all the best that Britain has given the world, everything that her spirit embodies, for example, Robin Hood, Shakespeare, Tower Bridge, and put on a separate new island? This is exactly what the extravagant rich man Jack Pitman decides to do - to create a smaller and better version of England. His goal: to open an amusement park for tourists, collecting all the heritage of Britain in one place.

2. Ian McEwen, "Amsterdam"

Ian McEwen is one of the most outstanding contemporary writers in the UK, and his novel "Amsterdam" received the prestigious Booker Prize. This book is about friendship and values in life. The two main characters - the publisher of the newspaper and the composer - are struck by the sudden illness of a young girl, Molly, who in a few months turns from a cheerful socialite into a vegetable. A tragic event shocked two friends, so they decide to make a bet: if something like this happens to one of them, the other will have to kill him.

3. Helen Fielding, "Bridget Jones Diary"

Many of us have seen the popular eponymous film, where the main character was superbly played by Renee Zellweger. The book is no less exciting than the film. This novel allows women to look at themselves and their problems from the outside. In the lyric diary, the story of a young unmarried Englishwoman who tries to become a self-made woman is cleverly and sincerely revealed. Here there is everything - fashion, career, marriage, flashy flings, sex for one night and eternal love.

4. Neil Gaiman, "American Gods"

This novel is one of the most famous works of Gaiman. The book tells about the gods brought to America by people from different parts of the world, who were initially revered, but then forgotten. The last battle between the old immigrant gods and new deities born on American land - the lords of the Internet, the television gods and the owners of credit cards - is brewing. But the fate of the gods depends on the usual mortal big man named Shadow.

5. Hilary Mantel, "Wolf Hall"

Mantel is a nominee and winner of several national literary prizes. His historical novel "Wolf Hall" carries readers in the 20s of the XVI century, when England was on the verge of disaster. If Henry VIII does not have an heir before his death, then civil war will begin in the country. At a turning point in history, Thomas Cromwell begins his work, who wants to transform England, despite the wishes of the king. For him, all means are good, including threats, flattery and bribery.

6. Kazuo Ishiguro, "Don’t Let Me Go"

The book of a British writer of Japanese origin. The main heroine of the novel remembers her childhood, which was spent at the Hailsham school. Her memories are full of strange omissions, half-revelations and a hidden threat. A wonderful story about the love, friendship and destiny of a person in this life - the book is read in one breath and leaves a pleasant literary aftertaste after itself.

7. Sarah Waters, "The Little Stranger"

A fascinating story with ghosts, where echoes of Agatha Christie, Edgar Poe and Dickens are heard. The plot unfolds in a dilapidated manor, got past its best times. Its inhabitants still remember the times when the house arranged rich parties, but now it is not profitable to be an aristocrat. A family of three people, a stupid servant and a good-natured dog, seemed to have got used to that life, do not notice the surrounding devastation and are completely not ashamed of it. But soon a little stranger appears and everything will change.

8. Nick Hornby "Hi-Fi" (High Fidelity)

Nick Hornby is one of the most widely read contemporary British authors. "Hi-Fi" is a touching and sometimes cynical, witty and at times profound, funny and sad love story of the owner of a music store. The protagonist is a real fan of his business, but one day his girlfriend goes to another. Now the music lover tries to scroll his life back and understand where he could make a fatal mistake.

9. Joanne Rowling "Random vacancy"

Those who have already re-read the story of the boy who survived will be happy to plunge into Rowling's new novel. The plot twists in a small town Pagford, where a member of the local council died suddenly. Residents were shocked by this news, because in their provincial town idyll reigns. But is it true, or so it seems only at first glance? In fact, in quiet Pagford there is a hidden war, a passion rages and sharp conflicts arise. Who can reveal the secrets of the two-faced city?

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